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bHLH11 inhibits bHLH IVc proteins by recruiting the TOPLESS/TOPLESS-RELATED corepressors Li Y,Lei RH Nov 2021
Direct and Indirect Effects of Invasive vs. Native Ant-Hemipteran Mutualism: A Meta-Analysis That Supports the Mutualism Intensity Hypothesis Wang B Nov 2021
Assessing candidate DNA barcodes for Chinese and internationally traded timber species Hu JL Nov 2021
Higher water and nutrient use efficiencies in savanna than in rainforest lianas result in no difference in photosynthesis Zhang YB Jul 2021
Differentiation in stem and leaf traits among sympatric lianas, scandent shrubs and trees in a subalpine cold temperate forest Zhang KY; Yang D; Zhang YB Nov 2021
There will be conflict-agricultural landscapes are prime, rather than marginal, habitats for Asian elephants de la Torre, JA Oct 2021
MYB70 modulates seed germination and root system development in Arabidopsis Wan JP Oct 2021
Ecological redlines provide a mechanism to maximize conservation gains in Mainland Southeast Asia Bai Y Oct 2021
Phylogenetic conservatism explains why plants are more likely to produce fleshy fruits in the tropics Wang G Oct 2021
Late Eocene sclerophyllous oak from Markam Basin, Tibet, and its biogeographic implications Chen LL Oct 2021
Primula longistyla (Primulaceae), a new species from Yunnan, China Ma XD Oct 2021
Altered albedo dominates the radiative forcing changes in a subtropical forest following an extreme snow event Gnanamoorthy P Sep 2021