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Genomes of the Banyan Tree and Pollinator Wasp Provide Insights into Fig-Wasp Coevolution Zhang XT; Wang G Oct 2020
Ancient orogenic and monsoon-driven assembly of the world’s richest temperate alpine flora Ding WN Jul 2020
Global Patterns and Drivers of Bee Distribution Orr MC Nov 2020
Functional traits indicate a continuum of tree drought strategies across a soil water availability gradient in a tropical dry forest Chaturvedi RK Nov 2020
Visual contagion in prey defense signals can enhance honest defense Dong SH Nov 2020
Litterfall biomass and nutrient cycling in karst and nearby non-karst forests in tropical China: A 10-year comparison Zhu XA Nov 2020
WRKY transcription factors WRKY12 and WRKY13 interact with SPL10 to modulate age‐mediated flowering Ma ZB Nov 2020
Quantifying vulnerability to embolism in tropical trees and lianas using five methods: Can discrepancies be explained by xylem structural traits? Chen YJ; Maenpuen P Nov 2020
Size dependent associations between tree diameter growth rates and functional traits in an Asian tropical seasonal rainforest Yan YM Oct 2020
Co-Cultures of Mycorrhizal Fungi Do Not Increase Germination and Seedling Development in the Epiphytic Orchid Dendrobium nobile Shao SC Oct 2020
Coffee performs better than amomum as a candidate in the rubber agroforestry system: Insights from water relations Yang B Oct 2020
Climate and land‐use interactively shape butterfly diversity in tropical rainforest and savanna ecosystems of southwestern China Miao BG May 2020