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Challenging battles of plants with phloem-feeding insects and prokaryotic pathogens Jiang YJ Nov 2019
Wood density, growth and mortality relationships of lianas on environmental gradients in fragmented forests of montane landscapes Roeder M Sep 2019
Evidence for positive response of soil bacterial community structure and functions to biosynthesized silver nanoparticles: An approach to conquer nanotoxicity? Mishra S Oct 2019
The plant microbiome: A missing link for the understanding of community dynamics and multifunctionality in forest ecosystems Mishra S Sep 2019
Intra-Annual Radial Growth of Pinus kesiya var. langbianensis Is Mainly Controlled by Moisture Availability in the Ailao Mountains, Southwestern China Fan ZX Oct 2019
Spatial distribution patterns of rock fragments and their underlying mechanism of migration on steep hillslopes in a karst region of Yunnan Province, China Liu J Aug 2019
When facilitation meets clonal integration in forest canopies Lu HZ Sep 2019
Oligocene Limnobiophyllum (Araceae) from the central Tibetan Plateau and its evolutionary and palaeoenvironmental implications Low SL Oct 2019
Authentication of traditional Chinese medicinal herb “Gusuibu” by DNA-based molecular methods Shen ZF Sep 2019
Taxonomic studies on Amomum Roxburgh s.l. (Zingiberaceae) in MyanmarⅠ: Two new species and two new records for the flora of Mya Ding HB Sep 2019
Can intercropping with the Chinese medicinal herbs change the water use of the aged rubber trees? Wu JE Sep 2019
Taxonomic status and distribution of Mirabilis himalaica (Nyctaginaceae) Wang SL Sep 2019