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Identification and expression analysis of cytokinin metabolic genes IPTs, CYP735A and CKXs in the biofuel plant Jatropha curcas Cai L 2018 MAY
Oligocene climate signals and forcings in Eurasia revealed by plant macrofossil and modelling results Li SF 2018 JUN
De novo transcriptome assembly of the eight major organs of Sacha Inchi (Plukenetia volubilis) and the identification of genes involved in α-linolenic acid metabolism Hu XD 2018 MAY
Comparative chloroplast genomics and phylogenetics of nine Lindera species (Lauraceae) Zhao ML 2018 MAY
Effects of rainfall on the spatial distribution of the throughfall kinetic energy on a small scale in a rubber plantation Liu JQ 2018 APR
Fog Water Is Important in Maintaining theWater Budgets of Vascular Epiphytes in an Asian Tropical Karst Forests during the Dry Season Wu Y 2018 MAY
Effects of precipitation exclusion on N2O emissions in a savanna ecosystem in SW China Li J 2018 MAY
Coupling evapotranspiration partitioning with root water uptake to identify the water consumption characteristics of winter wheat: A case study in the North China Plain Yang B 2018 MAY
Intra-specific relatedness, spatial clustering and reduced demographic performance in tropical rainforest trees Shao XN 2018 MAY
Arabidopsis VQ18 and VQ26 proteins interact with ABI5 transcription factor to negatively modulate ABA response during seed germination Pan JJ 2018 MAY
Jasmonate Negatively Regulates StomatalDevelopment in Arabidopsis Cotyledons1 Han X 2018 APR
UV-B Radiation Induces Root Bending Through the Flavonoid-Mediated Auxin Pathway in Arabidopsis Wan JP 2018 MAY