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Topography-related controls on N2O emission and CH4 uptake in a tropical rainforest catchment Yu LF Feb 2021
The F-box protein MIO1/SLB1 regulates organ size and leaf movement in Medicago truncatula Zhou SL; Yang TQ Jan 2021
Soil quality assessment of different Hevea brasiliensis plantations in tropical China Zou X Feb 2021
Monsoon precipitation variations in Myanmar since AD 1770: linkage to tropical ocean‐atmospheric circulations Zaw Z Jan 2021
Genomic evidence of prevalent hybridization throughout the evolutionary history of the fig-wasp pollination mutualism Wang G Feb 2021
Interaction mechanism of plant-based nanoarchitectured materials with digestive enzymes of termites as target for pest control: Evidence from molecular docking simulation and in vitro studies Mishra S Feb 2021
Orographic evolution of northern Tibet shaped vegetation and plant diversity in eastern Asia Li SF Jan 2021
When do Janzen–Connell effects matter? A phylogenetic meta‐analysis of conspecific negative distance and density dependence experiments Song XY Dec 2020
The WOX family transcriptional regulator SlLAM1 controls compound leaf and floral organ development in Solanum lycopersicum Wang CQ; Zhao BL Dec 2020
Soil carbon flux research in the Asian region: Review and future perspectives Sha LQ Jan 2021
Litterfall mercury reduction on a subtropical evergreen broadleaf forest floor revealed by multi-element isotopes Lu ZY Jan 2021
The geometry of the compound leaf plays a significant role in the leaf movement of Medicago truncatula modulated by mtdwarf4a Zhao WY Jan 2021